It is no secret, music has the power to bring people together. What better way to do that than singing karaoke – songs that we all heard before, songs that brought us closer, songs that made us laugh, songs that made us cry. You do not need to be a pro, just break out of your shell and get your 3 minutes in the spotlight – we assure you, it will be fun!

With years of experience in hosting events, Karaoke with us could not be more successful. Our professional and fun host, knows how to engage with the audience and keep your crowd entertained, playing the best music from classics to Top 40. With us, not only do you get a KJ but also a DJ!
We provide professional sound and video quality equipment, with a very extensive karaoke database (over 20,000 songs, more added daily, from classics to the hits of today), for private events, bars or restaurants of any size, we create a memorable experience that will have your guests/patrons coming back for more!

For more information, quotes and booking, email: [email protected] or call 917-727-9015

Live Music

We have a very extensive setlist with over 700 songs (and growing) from various genres, alternative, pop, rock, indie, reggae, oldies and more (we can also learn any requests). Our live musicians are very flexible and can perform as trio, duo, solo or a full band depending on your event – audio equipment rental is also available and we can support a small living room up to an entire ballroom or small stadium! This flexibility gives us the option to work with your budget and beat any prices from our competitors while providing exceptional services.

For more information, quotes and booking, email: [email protected] or call 917-727-9015

Lists with some of the songs can be viewed here (updated regularly, latest: 2017): SETLIST-2017-by_song_title | SETLIST-2017-by_artist_name

Below some recordings from live acoustic events: